Wakeboarding at Planksee

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Wednesday was a great day. First I passed another exam - only 4 left now - and straight afterwards we packed our swim shorts and headed off to Planksee. That’s a cable wake park in Austria located just across the boarder crossing with Slovenia at the Šentilj (Google Maps).

Wakeboarding at Planksee, Austria

Wakeboarding is one of my newer hobbies. I’ve skateboarded and snowboarded before and at the end of last August I tried wakeboarding as well. I was hooked instantly. The way the board glides across the water surface and the way you can take corners is just amazing.

It was my 4th time on a wakeboard. I was at Planksee two times last year and once at the Orlando Watersports Complex during a USA road trip I went on with my friends.

The weather was just great on Wednesday and with it being a work day there were only a few people there. Which meant almost no queue time. It was just superb at first, but the lack of my fitness started to show quite fast. I haven’t done any sports in quite a while now and this wakeboarding session burnt through my energy and stamina levels really fast. I wasn’t even able to complete a full lap at the end. This just gives me one more reason to get into shape. And quick :smiley:

The real shock came yesterday though. I think there was not a muscle on and around my arms that wasn’t sore. I couldn’t even extend my arms fully. Oh and did I mention the sunburns? Got those too. But it was worth it. I started learning how to ride switch and did a few ollies. Buying my own board just jumped up quite a few places in my book. Got any suggestions?