July 2009 - Present

My personal website and the site you’re on right now. The present version is the second one since I first bought the domain. Here’s how the first one looked like: (Version 1)

Skills used (V1): ASP.NET MVC 3, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, jQuery, Microformats
Skills used (V2): Jekyll, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Markdown

July 2013 - Present

Niche Cove was my venture into internet marketing blogging. It was focused on creating niche websites, ranking them and seeing what works best. It also held income and expense reports that these websites produced.

Niche Cove

NOTE: The website is currently down because of hosting issues.

Skills used: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, SEO, Amazon Associates, ClickBank


January 2013

PiStats is a resource monitoring service for my Raspberry Pi. Data is periodically collected by a cronjob on the Pi itself and uploaded to a server. A server-side cronjob parses the collected data and coverts it a form ready to be displayed using graphs.


While new data is no longer being collected, the presentation layer of the project can still be found here.

Skills used: ASP.NET MVC 4, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), Bootstrap, jQuery, Bash