Let's Kick This Blog Off

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So this is the first post in my new blog. I say new because I had blogs before, but they never really turned out the way I wanted them to. Either I made myself write too much and ended up writing about things that didn’t really matter, or I wrote too seldom because I just wanted to write about the ‘important’ stuff. Well this time around I really thought about what I want to write and I came to a conclusion. I’ll write about things that are helping me reach my goals. So no Facebook-like updates. With that said I’d first like to set my goals. Or rather share with you the goals I see myself pursuing in the next 12 months.

I’m currently finishing college. There’s really not much to talk about there - school’s school and that’s that. It does bring an important change to my life though. Being so close to finishing this chapter of my life made me want to make something of myself. Well, even more than before. I’m studying computer science which means I’m a programmer. I’ve been a programmer since the age of 10, if I remember correctly. That’s about 13 years now. So setting the 1st goal is really not that hard - finish school and get the diploma.

I always liked creating stuff and programming is was what I could get my hands on early on. This is also where I see myself in the future. At least the career part of my life. With internet b(l)ooming I found an (almost) perfect platform for using my creativity. So here lies my second goal - bring to life (start and finish) at least 4 of the ideas that are in my head. I’d really like to create a sufficient passive income with this as well, but that’s of secondary importance. The key to this will be motivation, determination and discipline. I got motivation, some determination, but I’ll have to work hard on my discipline.

The third goal is more of a physical nature. Over the last year or two I’ve let my body go a bit. Not too much. I’m at 78kg with 178cm of height. This puts my BMI just under the upper limit of normal weight-to-height ratio. That’s all good, but I just don’t feel good/happy about it. Though I like doing sports this is where my lack of discipline kicks in again. Extreme sports like skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding are some of my favorites. I like playing football (the European kind) with my friends as well, but unless I’m doing it 4-5 hours, at least 4 times a week, it won’t get the results I want. At least from my body’s point of view. So what I want to do is to get myself into an exercise routine. Jogging every day will be the start. The other part of this is going to be nutrition. I really want to learn how to eat properly and how to cook healthy kind of food. The goal here is to get to 72kg and trade in most of the fat for muscles.

To recap I’ve got 3 main goals for next 12 months:

  • Finish school
  • Start and finish at least 4 web based projects
  • Get into shape and learn how to eat and cook healthy

These will therefor be the main topics of this blog for now. I will write about some other hobbies of mine as well, but more about that when I actually have something to say about it.