Jogging, Week 1

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Yesterday was the 8th day since I started jogging. I started on Monday, the 26th of July, with lap that somewhat encircles my home village and is 4.65 kilometers in length. That’s 2.89 miles for you imperial readers. I’ve made a map of the route on MapMyRun and named it Lendava GG2. From Tuesday through Saturday continued with a lap that’s a bit smaller - Lendava GG1.

I said to myself that I wouldn’t stop moving the entire length of the lap. I was either going to jog or walk. The walking parts are a kind of pauses between jogging sessions.

The week started without any goals. Every day after waking up I went at it. Usually I started around 12pm as I’m a late sleeper. I just wanted to see where my stamina is at. It turned out I wasn’t in such a bad jogging shape. I ran about a third of the Lendava GG1 before taking my first pause on Tuesday. I took a total of 3 pauses that day. As the days went by I could jog a bit further every day and I managed to eliminate one pause before the week ended. I took Sunday off. A bit of time for my muscles to regenerate.

During last week an internal goal started to emerge as I learned how much my body is capable. I wanted to jog the entire length of Lendava GG1 yesterday without pauses. I seemed quite an achievable goal. But I couldn’t do it. I managed 2/3 of the lap before taking a break. This was the only break I took though. And I managed to cut my fastest time from 19 to 14 minutes. Which is great. I would probably have done it if my sleep wasn’t cut short.

All in all I’m quite happy with the result and I’d like to achieve the mentioned goal during this week. Also this week I’m jogging in the evening. Around 8pm. I want to test out different time periods. I’ll report back about my performance next week.

Do you jog? Let me know how you do it in the comments below.