2011 New Years Resolution

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Yet another New Year’s resolution post, you might say. Well, it is. This post is meant for me to share with you my plans for this year. But more importantly its purpose is to put these plans on black and white, so they don’t escape my mind.

Let start with what I accomplished over this past year. As I didn’t yet have a blog back then, I posted this on Facebook:

2010 New Year’s resolutions? Got those. Maybe too much of them, but the biggest ones: Finish school (due date January 2011), finish at least four small and one medium/big project and go on one bigger trip (probably Australia). Other ones are of secondary nature or still under consideration.

Unfortunately most of these fell through. Why, you ask. Let’s see - Australia didn’t work out because I didn’t have enough money. And school just got dragged out a bit. I did manage to publish at least one small project - MvcOpenID. And this blog can be another one.

But it’s 2011 now, so let’s focus on that. A few goals will closely resemble last year ones. As I don’t have that much school to worry about I’m also adding some new ones. And here, in order of order of importance, they are:

  1. Finish school - With some luck I’ll finish it by June, but the end of September is the ultimate goal to get my diploma.
  2. Get a job - I want to stay in Ljubljana, but for that I need a job to pay the rent. This goal is a bit on the urgent side, as I need the job by the end of this month. Wish me luck.
  3. 4 web projects - I won’t specify sizes this year, but I hope at least one of these 4 will grow into something bigger. This is the only real all-year-long goal and as I want to make a career with web projects, I’m setting a goal at least $300 a month from these projects.
  4. Travel to USA - This is 2011’s big trip plan. Me and my mates are planning to go to the west coast of USA. You know - LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, maybe a bit of Mexico. The trip should take place at the end of summer or in the start of fall. After all of us get our diplomas. This is another reason I need a job.
  5. Loose weight and get fit - This is a topic I’ve written about before. I’ll give it my all this year. And because they say goals work better if your specific - I want to have 70kg and a six pack before summer.
  6. Socialize more - I’ve been neglecting my social life a bit over the past year as I focused my attention on school and career, but I hope to find time and get out a bit more.

There you go. Seems a lot to do, eh? Well it probably is. But I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve read an interesting article about New Year’s resolutions and it gave me an idea. I’ll have some kind of a goal management system that will keep me on track and enable me to further specify my goals. I’ll of course write about these goals and how they’re coming along right here, on my blog.

Well that’s that. Wish me luck and if you have any New Year’s resolutions yourself, share them in the comments.