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Goran Gligorin
home Trimlini 64c
SI-9220 Lendava

Nationality: Slovenian
Birthday: September 24, 1986
Phone: (+386) 41 550 088
Goran Gligorin


I'm a self-driven, eager, young web developer trying to make it with my skills and ideas. I'd like to work with other people on creating new ideas, designing and finally developing great web solutions. Although most of my experiences lie in programming and scripting I'm keen to learn about graphics design, UX design, user interaction and all the other components of web development.

Work experience

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer

    Adacta d.o.o.
    Leskoškova 9d
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

    I'm currently employed at Adacta as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer.

  • Joomla Web Developer

    I was contracted by Fakulteta za naravoslovje in matematiko in Maribor to develop an abstract submission system for the European Conference on Liquid Crystals 2011. They had already set up a Joomla-based website, so I developed a 2-part plugin. The main part was completed by June 2010, but I was asked to implement some additional functionality.

  • Web Developer

    Plenum, Kopač & Modic d.n.o.
    Stegne 31
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

    My main task was taking a design created in Photoshop and making it into a working, dynamic web site in accordance with what the specific client desired. The web sites were developed using (X)HTML, CSS and jQuery. The underlying logic was based on top of our in-house CMS with PHP and MySQL.

    My other tasks included repair and maintanance of previously built web sites. These include on-site SEO optimization mainly by implementing SEO friendly URLs. I was also involved in further development of the in-house CMS.

    Some samples of my work at Plenum

    • Slikopleskarstvo Habič Slikopleskarstvo Habič

      My first projects at Plenum. My job was to familiarize myself with the in-house CMS and implement the underlying functionality of the web site.

    • Lesni Center Novak - Notranja vrata Lesni Center Novak - Notranja vrata

      My second project at Plenum included the Photoshop design cut-up as well as the implementation of the underlying functionality of the web site.

    • Vrtnarija Rast Vrtnarija Rast

      This web site needed a lot of maintanance when it was assigned to me. I also did some extensive on-site SEO optimization which resulted in better SERP rankings and significant increase of traffic.

    • M-Travel M-Travel

      This site needed some basic on-site SEO optimization. I converted the old URL system to a more SEO friendly one.

    • Gradnja Košar Gradnja Košar

      This site needed some basic on-site SEO optimization. I converted the old URL system to a more SEO friendly one.

  • .Net Developer

    Agito d.o.o.
    Tržaška 116
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

    I was a C# developer using .Net framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2003 and 2005. I worked in a team environment on business Windows and ASP.NET Web Applications. These applications where usually custom information systems for specific customers. All of these applications used SQL Server databases.

  • Web Developer

    Gimnazij Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer
    Prešernova ulica 34
    SI-9240 Ljutomer

    As part of the school's computer lab team I co-developed and then helped maintain the school website.


  • PiStats

    PiStats is an experiment with a Raspberry Pi. Resources usage data is gather on Raspberry Pi and sent to a web server where it is parsed and displayed in form of graphs on the website.

  • 24projects

    24projects is small venture of mine striving to create innovative and all round great web sites & web apps.

  • GoranGligorin.com

    This is my personal website. It is still under development, but already features a front page and a comprehensive CV.

  • MvcOpenID

    MvcOpenID is an OpenID starter kit for ASP.NET MVC. It is first and foremost a learning tool. I've learned a lot about OpenID while developing this and commented the code a lot. Running the application and stepping through the code is the best and probably the fastest way to learn. Apart from it's educational value you can also use it as a starter kit for your ASP.NET MVC based web applications.


Programming language Skill Level Last Used Experience
C# Experienced Currently used 9 years+
PHP Experienced November 2010 3 years+
(X)HTML Experienced Currently used 5 years+
HTML5 Experienced Currently used 2 years
CSS Intermediate Currently used 3 years+
CSS3 Intermediate Currently used 2 years
JavaScript Intermediate Currently used 3 years
Java Intermediate 2010 4 years
Visual Basic Intermediate 2002 3 years
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Intermediate Currently used 2 years
Objective-C Novice July 2009 1 week
C Novice Spring 2007 2 months
C++ Novice Spring 2007 2 months
Bash Novice February 2013 1 month
LOGO Experienced 1999 4 years
Framework Skill Level Last Used Experience
.NET Framework Experienced Currently used 9 years+
ASP.NET MVC Experienced Currently used 4 years+
Entity Framework Experienced Currently used 2 years+
jQuery Intermediate Currently used 4 years
XNA Intermediate Spring 2008 1 year
Joomla Novice November 2010 6 months
Android SDK Novice October 2010 1 month
iOS SDK Novice July 2009 1 week
Tool Skill Level Last Used Experience
Visual Studio Experienced Currently used 16 years+
Eclipse Intermediate November 2010 4 years+
SQL Server Intermediate Currently used 5 years+
MySQL Intermediate November 2010 3 years+
Raspberry Pi Novice Currently Used 5 months
Beyond Compare Experienced Currently Used 1 year+
Xcode Novice July 2009 1 week
Adobe Photoshop Novice Currently used 5 years+
Microsoft Office Experienced Currently used 11 years+
Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95, 98, XP, 7) Experienced Currently used 18 years+
Mac OS X Novice July 2009 Unknown
Ubuntu Novice Unknown Unknown
Foreign Language Understanding Speaking Writing
English Proficient (C2) Independent (B2) Independent (B2)
Serbian Independent (B1) Independent (B1) Basic (A2)
Croatian Independent (B1) Independent (B1) Basic (A2)
Hungarian Basic (A2) Basic (A1) Basic (A1)
German Basic (A1) Basic (A1) Basic (A1)


  • iPhone Development Summer School

    Faculty of Computer and Information Science
    Tržaska cesta 25
    SI-1001 Ljubljana
    • iPhone Development Summer School Certificate iPhone Development Summer School Certificate


About me

My programming path began at a very young age. I was about 7 or even less when I first encountered a computer. It has this interesting dinosaur game on it and I told my parents I wanted a computer. It was just before my 9th birthday when I finally got one. It wasn't long after that I first came across programming through my dad. His not a programmer, but he did know a bit about GW-BASIC. I didn't learn much more then make colored lines of text in MS-DOS, but what do you expect from a 9 year old.

2 years later I joined a programming after school class. We used LOGO. It was a funny little programming language, but it pulled me in and I wanted more. I spent a lot of time with it and at the peak of my LOGO era I reached nationals in programming with LOGO. But there was a big flaw with this language. There was not compiler for standalone applications. This is when I first came across Visual Basic. I bought a book, well my parents did, about it and soon I was making small apps and even an occasional game.

Fast forward to the present day. I've switched to C#, went through a game development phase and am now into web development. I like both of these fields because they allow me to express a great deal of my creative and visionary ideas with a touch of my personal style. I also finished college and got my BSc from Faculty for Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia in October of 2011.


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